Our People Are Our Secret Weapon

We have a team of passionate, hard-working, helpful, intelligent, creative, awesome people. You have to be very good to be on this team!

Available Positions

We Are Passionate Digital Marketers.

We Are Drivers.

We are driven here at Traffic Builders and we seek to add people who are going to be all-in on producing elite results, providing excellent customer service, and having a hell of a lot of fun!

Putting The Right People, In The Right Roles.

Our Culture Index survey allows us to understand what roles within our company you are born to succeed in. Our job is to set you up for wild success, and this survey helps us do that!

Available Positions

Why Join Our Rockstar Team?

Because Of Our Rockstar Team

Anyone who joins our team tells us the same thing after the first month; “Wow! The people here are really awesome”… indeed they are and that is why we’re so selective in who joins us!

Team Benefits

Our people are driven to deliver and our company is driven to deliver for them. We are as passionate about taking care of our team as our team is about taking care of our clients. Generous Paid Vacation time, Health Care benefits with a very high contribution, 401K, a company owned Cafe, Happy Hour, company events and milestone celebrations are just some of the company contributions.

Get your Perk on!

Check out Perk Cafe. This cafe is in the front of our office, we own it, and you’ll get a monthly budget on us for coffee, smoothies, and sandwiches!

The Office Itself

We renovated an old Market Fresh in Bayville, NJ and turned it into a 22,000 sq. ft. state of the art collaborative work space! We have a huge kitchen, collaboration rooms, over 12 couches and a presentation room for 70 people called the theater.

Our office is the finest most contemporary workspace between New York and Philadelphia, a fitting place for the finest digital marketing team.

Available Positions

Marketing Manager

Traffic Builders Digital Marketing in Bayville, NJ, and its associated companies; Conduit Digital Media, Perk Cafe & Agencies United are looking for a driven & creative Marketing Manager. We are the fastest growing agency in the NY & Philly DMA’s.

Our Marketing Manager will manage the day to day marketing activities of the organization and implement the marketing strategy for the company.

Digital Marketing experience is essential to be considered for this position.

Before you apply…two things to note…

#1 – this is an in-house position. No out of market resumes will be accepted.

#2 – we are looking for real marketing experience in the workforce so new college grads will be hard pressed to be qualified enough for this position.

Please read all of this before applying as this is a position of significant responsibility and accountability. We are going to pick only the best and brightest of the applicants for this position. Our candidate will be truly driven, held to a high standard and receive an amazing education.

What is in it for you?

There is no company like Traffic Builders / Conduit Digital anywhere near the Jersey Shore. The experience you gain in a highly competitive national marketing environment and working with one of the very best teams in the digital marketing industry will be invaluable to your growth.

Our Marketing Manager candidate will:

  • Have a positive personality, boundless energy and a wonderfully open-mindset.
  • Not only want to win but will do what it takes to win.
  • Help grow our brand, organize, guide and grow projects.
  • Have at least three years of marketing experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deploy successful marketing campaigns. Execute strategies and tactics to drive qualified traffic and own their implementation, execution and results.
  • Work with our Ad Ops and Catalyst Creative teams to produce highly successful lead generation campaigns.
  • Produce valuable and engaging content for our website and blog that attracts and converts our target groups
  • Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors.
  • Prepare and monitor the marketing budget on a quarterly and annual basis and help allocate funds wisely.
  • Oversee and approve marketing material, from website banners to collateral and case studies
  • Measure and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals
  • Pipeline Management – Utilize our CRM (HubSpot) to log every opportunity. Effective management of this process will help maximize sales and deliver more accurate forecasting.

Key Characteristics:

  • Organized, driven, proactive, and self-motivated – Organization, time management, and attention to detail will be critical to delivering success.
  • Must be a self-starter; strong entrepreneurial orientation required.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. We want happy, positive, productive and fun people.
  • It is important that our Marketing Specialist has a good familiarity with Google Analytics and become Analytic Certified.
  • We are looking for a digital marketing leader, a person that thinks from an entrepreneurial vantage point and without limit, an “everything is possible” mindset, a person that can help develop and manage national digital marketing results. Average is absolutely not good enough at Traffic Builders!

Why Do You Want To Work @Traffic Builders?

  • Traffic Builders is a rapidly growing business that was named Ad Week’s 21st Fastest Growing Global Agency in 2019 and SECOND in 2020.
  • We are an NJ Top 150 Privately owned business and the 13th fastest growing per NJBiz
  • We have a robust employee benefits program!
  • We have a team of wonderful passionate people who work hard and truly enjoy each other.
  • We host happy hour every Friday because we like to salute a week of hard work and a job well done!

If this sounds like your type of work environment and you believe you possess the qualities we are looking for in a potential candidate, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you! Please include salary requirements with your application.

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Paid Search (PPC) Analyst

Traffic Builders is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Bayville, NJ. We are looking for a Search Engine Marketing Analyst for our PPC team.

We are in search of a smart, analytical digital marketer who thrives in a fast-paced environment. Our team members must be organized, have excellent communication skills, and have a true passion for digital marketing.

The PPC / Paid Search Analyst is responsible for implementing Pay Per Click media strategies for clients. Our PPC Analyst will quickly understand, manage, and support initiatives that will contribute to the goals and success of client campaigns.

Required skills include

  • Communication – there will be written and verbal communication, it is essential we have very clear communicators who understand how to manage the process through actionable next steps.
  • Organized! – at Traffic Builders we deal with significant volume so being organized is critical!
  • Multi-tasking ability! – see above!
  • POSITIVE– We are looking for positive helpful people that are both organized, have strong communication skills, and understand digital marketing! Our Search Engine Marketing/ PPC Analyst should enjoy being helpful and can develop positive business relationships with people at all levels from all over the country.


  • Build and implement paid search marketing campaigns, this includes keyword research and creation, ad copy creation, and conversion tracking
  • Contribute to account level strategy and provide recommendations to meet client goals
  • Develop product knowledge within PPC and across other digital marketing services
  • Keep abreast of industry news including changes to best practices and new opportunities
  • Assist with managing client budget pacing


  • 1-2 years of hands-on experience with pay per click – PPC or search engine marketing management
  • A desire to collaborate with and learn from the team while increasing knowledge
  • Desire to take ownership of multiple paid media accounts while displaying strong time management and prioritization skills.
  • Familiarity with lead generation conversion tracking, remarketing/retargeting, Google/Bing search & display network, and YouTube advertising
  • Familiarity with tools like Google Merchant Center, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics is a plus++
  • Google Analytics/Google Ads certification is needed to be considered.

Why Do You Want to Work @Traffic Builders?

  • Traffic Builders is a rapidly growing business that was named Ad Week’s 2nd Fastest-Growing Global Agency in 2020 after being the 21st in 2019.
  • We have a team of wonderful passionate people who work hard and truly enjoy each other.
  • We have a very robust benefits program.
  • We host happy-hour every Friday to celebrate a great week of teamwork!

Traffic Builders is growing tremendously and provides a very entrepreneurial environment where everyone contributes. It is a great place to work with a committed group of wonderful people.

If you are looking to join a rapidly growing company with a crew of great people please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,500.00 – $52,500.00 per year based on experience.


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Campaign Experience Coordinator

Traffic Builders Campaign Experience Coordinators are expected to be the leaders on the ground-floor with each and every account. They are communication, process, and deliverables experts who handle all day-to-day product related account management that our partners are looking for.

A combination of highly organized with proactive communication, establishing a frictionless process, and allowing the ads-ops team to be hands-on and efficiently effective.

The Campaign Experience Coordinator will take ownership of their client portfolio and gain cross-functional alignment by building and communicating the client’s digital marketing vision, goals and strategies across the organization. They will work within the Brand Team to facilitate and foster relationships through the communication of our platform, products and processes while ensuring the long-term value to build strategic Brand partners.

Our Campaign Experience Coordinators are the backbone of this company and need to be passionately driven to retain and grow agency accounts via airtight and speedy communication to deliver a world-class partner experience.

Position deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • Project Manage a book of business consisting of a collective Account Portfolio
  • Vet Digital Orders and Revisions to meet Partner MSA guidelines and deliverables
  • Schedule, Attend, and Lead kick-off call for all new accounts
  • Insertion Orders should be thoroughly vetted prior to attending the live onboarding call.
  • Coordinate with All Product Team members to insure smooth & effective campaign execution and results.
  • Maintain the Partner Hub with great accuracy in conjunction with the Partner Relationship Manager
  • Implement and proactively execute the Account Renewal Process Monthly.
  • Track time against all key performance activities listed in job description

Communication is the essential aspect of this position:

  • Maintain timely communication on all account-specific communication.
  • Proactive, clear, concise and actionable communication is absolutely essential.
  • Contribute Account Level details to Weekly Agency Brief with all Partner Experience related Hub Details to be shared internally
  • Keep cross-departmental communication open and flowing consistently.
  • Take detailed notes and send call follow up and action items
  • Constantly stay apprised of Account Renewals via the Dashboard and communicate to partners proactively.
  • Proactively escalate all Account-based issues so that we can get out in front before they become issues


Headquartered in Bayville NJ, Traffic Builders is a full-service agency with a passion for creativity and exploring the technical approaches to bring it all to life.

Traffic Builders has achieved incredible growth over recent years, as we’re looking to boost our momentum even further with top professional talent.

Why Do You Want To Work @Traffic Builders?

Traffic Builders is growing tremendously and provides a very entrepreneurial environment where everyone contributes. It is a great place to work with a committed group of wonderful people.

  • Traffic Builders is one of AdWeek’s fastest growing global agencies and fastest in the NY and Philly DMA’s. In 2019 we were 21st and in 2020 we are 2nd!
  • We are an NJ Top 200 Privately owned business
  • We will present leaders with an opportunity to become a recognizable name in their space.
  • We have a robust employee benefit program
  • We have a team of wonderful passionate people who work hard and truly enjoy each other.
  • We host happy hour every Friday because we like to salute a week of hard work.

Traffic Builders is a terrific place to work, we have a tremendous team of tremendous people, we work really hard, work smart and have fun. If you have the above qualifications please contact us, Thank you!


Please include salary requirements with your application.

Please be someone who will be an asset to both our team and our people. A positive, “everything is possible” attitude is 100% essential to this position!

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Quickbooks/Business Analyst

Traffic Builders is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Bayville, NJ and we are looking for a very positive person to join us as our QuickBooks/Business Analyst to pay bills and analyze busines data to create efficiencies.

You will analyze the business model and finances of our organization. As our financial business analyst, you will recommend and enforce Traffic Builders efficiency and profitability methods.

The skills necessary for this job include interpersonal skills, management experience, financial reporting, and strong communication skills.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Billing
    • Validating automated billing system as orders come in.
    • Conducting monthly billing meetings with each product team to ensure billing and execution are in agreement.
  • Payment
    • Pay all company bills through Bill Pay for QuickBooks
    • Make certain that Credit Card bills are itemized by expense inside QB
  • Reporting
    • Delivering daily, weekly and monthly billing reports to the CEO and Product Team Manager.
    • Analyzing reports to provide the Leadership Team with observations and recommendations on the story the data is telling.
  • Manage amortization, give business plan support, and ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
  • Update report procedure documents.
  • Perform key measurement ratios and graphs, monthly financial statement analysis models.
  • Compile and develop integrate revenue, expense and KPI analysis, projections, reports and presentations.
  • Produce business income statements and expense reports.
  • Prepare weekly KPI reports for analysis by internal management.
  • Prepare bank reconciliation timely and accurately, along with continuously reviewing processes, and procedures, recommending new strategies to management.


  • Must have proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including but not limited to Pivot Tables and Macros.
  • Detailed and Organized – please be both!
  • Must be good with numbers! Accounting/Invoicing Experience is a plus!
  • Salesforce Experience – important and very preferred!!

Why Do You Want to Work @Traffic Builders?

  • We are an NJ Top 250 Privately owned business
  • Traffic Builders is Adweek’s 21st Fastest growing global ad agency in 2019 and Second in 2020.
  • Our business will present leaders with an opportunity to become a recognizable name in their space.
  • We have a robust employee benefit program

We have a team of wonderful passionate people who work hard and truly enjoy each other. We know that our team and its people are our most important asset.

We host happy hour every Friday because we like to salute a week of hard work!

Traffic Builders is growing tremendously and provides a very entrepreneurial environment where everyone contributes. It is a great place to work with a committed group of wonderful people. You absolutely have to be self-driven to work here.

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Copy Writer To Join The Conduit Content Network (Freelance)

Traffic Builders is seeking experienced copywriters to join our Conduit Network – the freelance division of Conduit Digital, our white label digital marketing laboratory. 


Conduit Digital specializes in helping successful agencies scale. Between 2019 and 2020, we accelerated from AdWeek’s 21st-fastest to 2nd-fastest growing agency in the world due in large part to the success we drive through Conduit. 


To help meet the volume of deliverables resulting from our rapid scaling, we are looking for talented writers to become Affiliates with the Conduit Network. This is a great opportunity to create quality portfolio items as well as supplement your income through meaningful work. 


A Little About Traffic Builders and Conduit: 

  • We’re one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the world – and we accomplished this without having a single direct client! 
  • We are all about scale! We help successful agencies and their clients scale their digital marketing operations far beyond their internal capabilities. 
  • We are all about Ocean County! Why waste precious hours of your life riding the train or bus to New York or Philadelphia every day? No one really wants that. We are all experienced industry professionals that buck the big city commuter trend! 
  • We are absolute coffee fanatics! We love caffeine so much that we opened our own coffee shop, Perk Cafe, in front of our office! Open to the public and serving a wide variety of great coffee, smoothies, and snacks, you’ll often find our team on the patio with a drink in one hand and the other typing away at their work. 


What You Should Know About Being an Affiliate: 

  • Network Affiliateships are fully remote but the ability to occasionally visit our Bayville, NJ office by appointment is a huge plus! 
  • Conduit Network opportunities are only for experienced professionals. Recent college graduates and those seeking internships are encouraged to pursue other career opportunities. 
  • The majority of Network Affiliate assignments will consist of writing blog post copy for Conduit clients. Applicants who have prior experience with corporate blogging will be given priority consideration. 
  • All Conduit Network Affiliates report directly to our internal Lead Content Developer who will act as the Corporate Editor for all project assignments. 
  • As your affiliation with the Conduit Network grows, you will be given more opportunities for repeat assignments with recurring clients as well as opportunities to take on new projects from other clients. 


What You Need to Be a Successful Affiliate 

    • An existing portfolio of work to demonstrate your expertise. This will help our team to best align client assignments with your skills, knowledge, and interests. 
    • Strong attention to detail. Repeat typos and blatant grammatical errors are not tolerable. 
  • SEO Proficiency. Applicants must possess an existing knowledge of SEO best practices or be able to learn them quickly. Affiliate candidates with existing SEO knowledge will be given priority consideration. 
  • Adherence to Conduit copywriting best practices. When onboarded to the Conduit Network, Affiliates are given a comprehensive guide outlining our copywriting standards and best practices. Adhering to these guidelines is essential for a successful Network partnership. 
    • Meeting tight deadlines is why Conduit is able to scale at the rate we do. Affiliates are expected to possess the same ability. 
  • Strong communication and professionalism. Transparency is the backbone of Conduit’s culture, and the same goes for our Affiliate Network. We value proactive communication, and we are BIG-TIME Slack users! 


Other Important Details to Know: 

  • The Conduit Network pays affiliates per deliverable. Applicants looking for hourly pay will not be considered. 
  • Compensation for each deliverable will vary depending on word count. The word count is predetermined by Conduit before assigned to the Affiliate. 
  • If you visit the office by appointment, you will be compensated for your time. Compensation depends on the duration of the appointment. 
  • This is not a full-time or part-time job. Affiliateships are gig-based and serve as a perfect solution for freelancers looking to supplement their income.
  • Conduit does not provide devices to Affiliates. Affiliates are expected to already possess their own reliable personal computer, smartphone, and internet connection independent of Conduit. 

Any and all meeting times, project deadlines, etc. are in the United States Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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(Perk Cafe) Barista

Perk Café is seeking a friendly individual for a part time barista position. We are looking for a driver, someone who will take initiative to identify problems and find creative ways to solve them. You will be responsible for engaging customers when they come in, making various food and drinks according to specific recipes, processing purchases and handling payments, proactively cleaning the cafe, maintaining a positive and professional attitude, and  assisting with the general day to day operations of the café. It is also the barista’s responsibility to make sure the cafe is adequately stocked with appropriate supplies.  A flexible schedule and weekends are required.


  • Maintain positive cafe morale and professional attitude
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships
  • Flexibility in work schedule is required, including the ability to work weekends and some holidays
  • Diligent and precise in the creation and presentation of product
  • Proactive in recognizing business and customer needs and fulfillment of them
  • Process purchases, handle payments 
  • Well-organized and detail-oriented with excellent verbal and written skills
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Meet operational standards by implementing production, productivity, quality and customer service standards; resolving problems; identifying system improvements


Skills & Traits:

  • Highly responsible, hard-working and committed
  • Management Proficiency
  • Experience with front of house POS systems and functions
  • Clear and concise communicator


Physical Requirements

  • Work days, nights, and/or weekends as required
  • Work in a fast paced environment with distracting conditions
  • Move about the facility and stand for long periods of time
  • Lift and carry up to 30 pounds


Perk is a terrific place to work, we have a tremendous team. We work really hard, work smart and have fun.If this sounds like your type of work environment and you believe you possess the qualities we are looking for in a potential candidate, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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General Application

If you do not see your ideal role listed, please reach out to us and let us know what specific position you would be interested in. As Traffic Builders continues growing, we are rapidly identifying new opportunities to add talent to our team.

Want to submit a general application? Just click the button to our career portal below and complete the steps!

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