Why Traffic Builders?

Because we are passionate about driving results for local businesses and it all starts there


It is now impossible for one person to be an expert in all fields of digital marketing. At Traffic Builders we know this and decided that it would be best to hire a team of experts with a sole focus of being the EXPERTS in their specific fields of Programmatic, OTT, Search, Social, and more! Our team is passionate, almost too passionate, at being the best in the industry and we look forward to proving this with every new client that signs on with us!

  • Experts in every field of digital marketing

  • Experience delivering results for over 5,000 clients to date

  • Certified analysts at every level (no noobs touching your campaigns!)

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At Traffic Builders we are focused, maybe insanely focused, on providing the best customer service to both your media organization and to your clients. We are a service industry and we feel it is our job to say YES! We have experience dealing with high-volume (2k+ clients per month) and we have evolved our customer success team to the highest levels!

  • Dedicated Account Manager For Your Media Group

  • We say YES!

  • Media Dashboard For Easy Insight For Your Business!


“Traffic Builders is by far the most professional, dedicated digital agency I have had the pleasure to work with. Your team of platform certified experts delivered fantastic results to the clients we sold.”


“Our client was blown away by the scale of what we can now do. We’re doing OTT, Programmatic, SEO, PPC, Social Advertising… we will be doing over $300,000 in digital this year for this client!”


“Following a detailed call to discuss our client’s needs and performance metrics, Traffic Builders created and delivered a comprehensive strategy presentation. We were awarded a 10-market test in 2017, the positive results of which led to a much larger pilot program in 2018 & 2019!”