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Ability to Target Specific Audiences, Behaviors, and Geography in 60 Local Markets

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OTT, also known as “Over the Top Television”, describes the delivery of film and TV content, via internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service.

OTT advertising, powered by the Traffic Builders OTT team, provides you with the ability to display your commercial to your ideal demographic, on the biggest screen in their house, thereby enabling a wider audience to see your ad.

Your ad will be served within digital streaming content, to connected televisions. This content is provided by Digital Publishers (ex: Newsy, iFood), TV & Movie Channels (ex: A&E, popcornflix), and Live TV Streams (ex: Sling and DIRECTV Now).

Traffic Builders has created a hybrid of all of these content types, maximizing the reach of your commercials. You no longer need the cable company in order to place Premium content. Your agency is now the local media!

Ways to AccessOver the Top Television:

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Google Chromecast
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Sling TV
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PlayStation Vue
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Amazon Fire TV
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Apple TV
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Roku Streaming Stick

What to Look Forward To:

Performance at the local level

Broaden your commercial reach

Your agency becomes the “media”