We deliver digital products and services, all 100% made in the USA, to over 65 television stations across the United States. We are selectively looking to add just a few television stations partners in 2017. We not only know digital and deliver results each and every month for regional and local accounts, but we have also been in the television industry for years. We understand your perspective. We understand that digital products and services are designed to enhance your relationship with your local client base, so we do not ever promote a Digital versus Traditional mindset. Our digital marketing channels were designed to work together beautifully with television advertising, and they do!

Our People, Products, Process, and Performance create real Partnerships

People Redefined

At Traffic Builders, our growing team of almost 30 collaborates under one roof. We are located exactly halfway between New York and Philadelphia, so we have a talent pool of digitally-driven passionate product specialists. You will not find a more passionate collection of truly nice and wickedly intelligent people that both your sales team and customers will like and respect. We care, and it shows.

Products Redefined

Our entire suite of products are developed and managed in our home base in Toms River, NJ. All of our products are 100% American made and are never ever (ever) set it and forget it. We are not the typical low-end media digital provider with set it and forget it delivery. We are a true digital agency that you can trust with your key accounts.

Process Redefined

Our process is Media AE and Client friendly. We run a very efficient process, with an emphasis on communication and transparency. Although we work with a high volume of accounts, we deliver an outstanding level of customer service to our stations and their clients. Our process engages everyone in communication for a truly collaborative experience.

Performance Redefined

Your clients become our clients. They honor us by trusting us to invest their hard-earned money in our products and services. We believe it is essential to deliver true performance to help you grow your clients through results. We create new success stories with very satisfied clients every single day!

Partnership Redefined

We act as a true partner in working with your local sales team and their clients. Our goal is to deliver tremendous performance to help you retain and grow your key accounts. We are accountable, transparent, passionate, and extremely competitive in wanting to help our clients win in their local markets.

We do not work with antiquated transactional sales teams, so if you are a truly enlightened local independent television station that is looking for a digital agency to help you create a true multiscreen marketing solution –

a solution that can win against any local, regional, or national agency

– please reach out to us. We would love to talk.

Your solution is Traffic Builders, America’s Most Complete (and best) Digital Agency for Media Organizations