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Your Website is Your Digital Storefront

Here at Traffic Builders, we house a top-tier web development team, specializing in the creation of responsive websites that look great and convert leads on a multitude of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Our creative team will design a website that both supplements your business and elevates your brand!

Your website is often the first impression people have of you and your business. It acts as your virtual front door where potential customers enter in order to learn about you and your host of products and/or services.

Elements of the Traffic Builders Web Dev Process

Concept to code

Getting to know you

Traffic Builders’ trademark, in-depth Onboard Call is the first step in the website development process. We take advantage of this discussion to get to know you as our client, dive deeper into your vision for your new website and to solidify future timelines.

The structure

The wireframe initializes the layout of each page and the arrangement of the website’s content - and how they work in unison.

Site visualization

Our team presents a thorough version of your homepage, complete with interactive features and every feature discussed on the Onboard call.

Business explanation

Traffic Builders’ Content Development team will refresh and edit content from your previous site, assuming the assets are available. The team then adds engaging copy to populate your site, including keywords essential to organic search engine relevance.

Your business style

Your website acts as your digital front door and as such, it should mirror the personality of your business. It should showcase your style, products, and competitive advantages. Traffic Builders’ web designers truly listen to you in order to understand your goals and strive to deliver a website that represents your business accurately, while showcasing your unique style.

Make it easy to give em what they want

UX Design - If your website lacks in terms of user-friendliness, particularly on mobile, it is creating a poor user experience and running the risk of losing potential clients.

It is a mobile world

Designing your website based on the way your future customers intend on using it is key. Today, more than half the users visiting your website are doing so through the use of a mobile device so a responsive design is essential. Speed and ease of access are all too important in today’s digital marketing world - and the Traffic Builders Web Development team delivers!

The infrastructure

Our developers build websites on all high-performing platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify. However, with over 60% market share, the team develops the vast majority of sites through WordPress.

Taking the next step in the path to purchase

Users visit your website in order to learn about your business, products and services. You want them to do more than browse - you want them to inquire! Employing intuitive methods for which potential customers are to interact with your site, coupled with the ability to reach out for more information is critical. At Traffic Builders, we view conversion as “taking the next step in the sales process” and our Web Development team builds in accordance with this concept!

What to look forward to.

Constant contact throughout the development process in order to keep you involved, informed and engaged

Adaptive design with the ability to respond to all screen sizes

Increase in online conversions

Mobile optimization for all websites

Content development

Google Maps (embed)

Google Analytics

Social Media Links

Site Search

Google XML Sitemap