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Directing all advertising efforts to your preferred customers

Social advertising provides your clients the opportunity to expose highly targeted prospects to relevant digital ads.

Advertisements are directed at individualized demographics using various targeting options, including:

  • Keywords
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Career
  • Income
  • Hobbies
  • Behavior
  • Interests
Traffic Builders Audience Targeting Team

Our Facebook and Instagram Blueprint Certified experts create a custom audience tailored to your client’s business, using the above attributes.

Similarly, our Social team builds “lookalike” demographics that mimic targets in order to attract new audiences who, based on insight from our analysts, are expected to be receptive to your ads.

Investigating optimal consumer profiles, along with advertisement testing, are of the utmost importance when enhancing your Facebook and Instagram performance.

We pinpoint and employ effective methods of delivery, including:
Facebook Blueprint Certification

Facebook, a dynamic force in the digital advertising world, is a key influencer in personalized targeting in applications, including Custom Audiences, core audiences and lookalike audiences.

Consolidating and focusing on prime prospects and their respective demographics is key in directing advertisements to your primary prospective customer base.

Let Traffic Builders Optimize Your Social Campaigns Through:

Effective, sales-driven Facebook advertisements

Thorough investigation and testing of your clients’ target demographic(s)

Elevated brand recognition