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The Traffic Builders Audience Targeting (AT) team is not only one of the largest - it’s one of the most comprehensive programmatic teams in the industry.

Traffic Builders’ Audience Targeting team, one of the largest independent programmatic teams in the country, employs the experience and knowledge from running over 4,000 campaigns over the last two years to ensure your campaign’s delivery and success!

Let us help you target by implementing a variety of strategies, including users who:

  • Have visited your site previously
  • Walked through a relevant physical area
  • Searched related keywords
  • Are browsing relevant content
Traffic Builders Audience Targeting Team

Our talented team of account analysts are dedicated to continuously creating optimizations that are specifically designed to drive performance.

Traffic Builders makes your programmatic marketing campaign both easy and transparent! Within the first three days of your campaign launch, you will receive screenshots of the ads that your campaign is running. Additionally, you will receive a client book, breaking your campaign down in full detail. You will receive real-time reporting that highlights the top domains you served on the best performing keywords, geo-fences and more.

Targeting Capabilities

We don't miss the mark.

We run your ad within content that is relevant to your ad! Our team targets relevant sites and uses them as a baseline in order to develop custom site lists, ultimately maximizing performance.

Through the analysis of past web browsing behavior, we are able to customize the types of ads your business prospects receive.

Did you know that over 90% of consumers visit and leave the average website without converting? Site Retargeting is your chance to get them back by re-engaging them while they visit other sites online.

Search Retargeting targets prospects through display ads, based on the searches those prospects have already performed. Keyword-level search retargeting allows us to marry the power of search with the brand reach of display.

Advanced location-based mobile advertising solutions allow you to target the potential customers who have passed through our “fence”. Your geo fences are created with the utmost precision, in turn eliminating waste and retaining focus on the most likely conversion areas.

Native advertising inserts a marketer’s message into either a publisher or platform feed, in order to match that particular publisher’s content design. It is a responsive ad, built in real-time, offering improved user experience by providing users a synergistic browsing-and-ad experience.

Dynamic advertising produces ads that are just that! They allow you to customize specific keywords, which are then inserted into the ad copy. Prospects will be exposed to highly relevant ads, depending on what they have searched for. The ads target potential buyers based on various behaviors, including keyword searches and the content they are reading. Depending on their search, each potential client will see different ad copy.

For example, if a potential client searches for a specific vehicle, we have the ability to serve them a dynamic ad showing your local dealer’s actual inventory matching the make, model and even color vehicle that they researched!

What to look forward to.

Completely customized campaigns that effectively deliver to your clients’ specific audiences

Strategic targeting of users who have previously visited your site, physically entered a relevant area, searched relevant keywords - and more!

All-inclusive initial review, status updates and performance check-ins - all within the first three days of your campaign launch

Detailed monthly reporting of your campaign(s), including a breakdown of campaign performance. Unlike a simple data dump, our comprehensive analysis is informative and easily digestible; allowing you to see the effect of your campaign performance on your bottom line

The finest digital reporting available with total transparency, via our state-of-the-art real time reporting system