This week Traffic Builders had the honor of being selected as one of AdWeek’s 100 Fastest Growing Agencies. We are proud to say that we are ranked #21 in the entire world, as well as the #1 Fastest Growing Mid-Size Media Agency in the country!

First Time is the Charm

The inaugural list of the fastest-growing agencies honors select organizations around the world, from large to small agencies. It celebrates the companies which have achieved the largest growth over the past three years. On average, the first class of Fastest Growing Agencies saw growth of over 300%.

Traffic Builders’ 336% growth outpaced over the majority of other agencies selected, helping us to become the #21 fastest-growing agency in the world.

From the Beginning

Growing from a small group of 3 employees, Traffic Builders is incredibly proud and grateful to all of those who have contributed to our success. Today, we have expanded to have almost 70 digital drivers, all of whom are dedicated to the success of the company.

Exciting Growth

This is an exciting time for us at Traffic Builders as we continue to grow. We strive to find and recruit like-minded digital drivers who are always looking for opportunities to improve. To say that our people have contributed to our success is an understatement. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work and dedication of our employees.

What Our Leaders Say

“This award is the culmination of a lot of hard work by our very dedicated team of people,” said CEO Tim Burke. “It’s an acknowledgment that we have achieved a level of growth and that we’ve managed that level of growth, which is not an easy thing to do. When you’re talking about constant change in a business, that can be daunting for some people but our team has embraced it. We don’t wait for things to break, we break things and rebuild them better.

“Our mindset is that this is just the beginning of where can go,” Tim continued. “Whether we are lower or higher on next year’s list is less consequential than how we engage to diversify the agency across America, make sure that we stay cutting edge, and to make sure we’re giving our clients the very best of what’s available in a very rapidly changing digital landscape.”

Expanding Our Horizons

As we continue our partnership with Gray Media, Traffic Builders has also begun expanding to new areas. Our newest division, Conduit Digital, expands our capabilities and enables us to bring our services to other results-driven agencies.

In today’s ever-connected world, people are being perpetually bombarded by marketing and advertising “noise”. Despite device use being a constant for us, marketers are finding it harder than ever to cut through the noise to get their message heard. That’s because, according to studies, we are being exposed to up to 10,000 branded messages per day. It is so overwhelming, we have a tendency to tune it all out – which causes trouble for advertisers, who are in the business of gaining attention for products and services. So, what’s a modern-day marketer to do in these noisy and confusing times?

Take a people-based approach. People-based marketing enables you to target real people across channels and devices by using a persistent identity. The approach allows marketers to deliver more relevant content, messages and offers that drive greater returns. Forbes sat down with Global VP of Spotify, Danielle Lee, to discuss her insights about people-based marketing and how it has revolutionized the marketing efforts of the popular streaming service. According to Lee, “People-based marketing represents an industry shift from targeting devices to connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right message.” Because you’re tapping into what consumers are already interested in, the chances of them focusing in on your content are much higher. The fact is, the standard practice of merely getting more messages onto more screens just isn’t effective anymore. This tired tactic of putting out relentless impersonal messaging has fallen out of favor across industries globally.

So how do you put this people-first plan into action? It all starts with collecting first-party consumer data, which is comprised of information regarding gender, income, interests, communication preferences, previous purchasing behavior, social engagements, and more. Learning this basic – yet vital – information about your target audience will help you gain a better understanding of them, and in turn, will allow you to create uber-relevant content that’s much more likely to capture their attention – and conversions.

What’s the downfall of people-based marketing? It is a laborious and complicated task to gather and then interpret this data in a meaningful way. That’s where Traffic Builders comes in. Our Audience Targeting experts hone in on individuals, based on the aforementioned multiple behaviors, as well as keywords and search terms used online.

The Audience Targeting team has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive system that targets individuals on contextually relevant websites, as well. So, for example, if your company is looking to drive conversions from parents, our team would place your ads on popular parenting websites and other places they’re likely to frequent – based on the behavior as defined by their demographic.

Did you know only 4% of visitors convert during their first visit to your website? Remarketing campaigns help to fight those odds, giving you the opportunity to call back the other 96% of visitors who navigate from your site without converting. These campaigns help remind and convince visitors who weren’t initially ready to convert how your offer helps solve their problem. These people are an easier conversion because they have seen your ad before. You’ve already initially paid for them to get into the funnel, so why not continue the path and convert them cheaply?

So what exactly is remarketing? Essentially, it’s reminding people what they were looking for and giving them exclusive offers they didn’t see the first time around. If you’re already advertising on Google, adding a piece of Google remarketing code – also known as a tag – to your site enables visitors to be added to your remarketing audiences through browser cookies. You have the ability to customize the code for different pages to correspond to more defined categories, as well. The mass personalization is similar to targeting on Facebook, where you can segment your audience, create custom content based on their behavior and send them specific messaging. With remarketing, you have the option to segment ads based on a customer’s previous searches.

Let’s say you run an e-commerce site that sells shoes. You could choose to create a “high top sneaker” remarketing audience based on people who visit the pages of your site where you sell sneakers. That way, you can show these specific visitors highly targeted display ads that market your high top sneakers. You already know they are in the market for high top sneakers, and now you can draw them back with a special offer, such as “free shipping”.

Remarketing will not have value for emergency service industries, however, as the customer in these scenarios makes their decision immediately. Remarketing will not work for a purchase decision that has to happen right now. On the other hand, flooding recovery services is a category where you can set remarketing parameters on a 30/90/180 day basis. If a customer searches for emergency plumbing on Day 1, you can set your remarketing campaign so that on Day 30, they start seeing ads for steam cleaning. Changing your message depending on the length of time requires you putting yourself in the shoes of the customer. Think to yourself, where will they be in 30, 90, 180 days?

Here at Traffic Builders, our Audience Targeting specialists work to target customers based on their search behavior, through contextual targeting and remarketing strategies.

Behavioral – Based on a user’s search history and content they have viewed we are able to formulate a behavioral profile. Using keywords designed to hone in on your ideal target we will make sure your ad is served to relevant users wherever they may go across the web.
Contextual Targeting – Traffic Builders will showcase your client’s ad on relevant websites and web pages. This helps your client be seen while a user is interested.  
Remarketing – Traffic Builders is able to retarget visitors to your website. When someone visits your website we are able to display your ad on other websites they visit after yours for up to 30 days.