The Ingenious Way to Overcoming Marketing Noise

By , in Advertising, Digital Marketing

In today’s ever-connected world, people are being perpetually bombarded by marketing and advertising “noise”. Despite device use being a constant for us, marketers are finding it harder than ever to cut through the noise to get their message heard. That’s because, according to studies, we are being exposed to up to 10,000 branded messages per day. It is so overwhelming, we have a tendency to tune it all out – which causes trouble for advertisers, who are in the business of gaining attention for products and services. So, what’s a modern-day marketer to do in these noisy and confusing times?

Take a people-based approach. People-based marketing enables you to target real people across channels and devices by using a persistent identity. The approach allows marketers to deliver more relevant content, messages and offers that drive greater returns. Forbes sat down with Global VP of Spotify, Danielle Lee, to discuss her insights about people-based marketing and how it has revolutionized the marketing efforts of the popular streaming service. According to Lee, “People-based marketing represents an industry shift from targeting devices to connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right message.” Because you’re tapping into what consumers are already interested in, the chances of them focusing in on your content are much higher. The fact is, the standard practice of merely getting more messages onto more screens just isn’t effective anymore. This tired tactic of putting out relentless impersonal messaging has fallen out of favor across industries globally.

So how do you put this people-first plan into action? It all starts with collecting first-party consumer data, which is comprised of information regarding gender, income, interests, communication preferences, previous purchasing behavior, social engagements, and more. Learning this basic – yet vital – information about your target audience will help you gain a better understanding of them, and in turn, will allow you to create uber-relevant content that’s much more likely to capture their attention – and conversions.

What’s the downfall of people-based marketing? It is a laborious and complicated task to gather and then interpret this data in a meaningful way. That’s where Traffic Builders comes in. Our Audience Targeting experts hone in on individuals, based on the aforementioned multiple behaviors, as well as keywords and search terms used online.

The Audience Targeting team has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive system that targets individuals on contextually relevant websites, as well. So, for example, if your company is looking to drive conversions from parents, our team would place your ads on popular parenting websites and other places they’re likely to frequent – based on the behavior as defined by their demographic.